Correlating Survey Responses

Survey results if correlated among themselves reveals interesting patterns for further analysis. The number in each square is an indication of the strength of correlation. My Job and Communication have a 73% correlation between each other. Closer to 1 indicates stronger relation. This is also indicated by the color codes. Green is strong correlation, blue is negative correlation, yellow is moderate and Red indicates weak or no relation.

Inferences :

Respondents feels that My Job and Communication are strongly related.
"My Manager" as a theme is perceived to strongly related to many of the development and performance aspects of employees .

Many respondents feels that "Pride for the Company" is impacted by "Work Environment" and "My Colleagues" .

"Senior Leadership" is not being perceived as a significant influencer in many of the aspects from an employee point of view .

Similarly "Rewards and Recognition" and "Training and Development" are seen to have an relation only with "colleagues"